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The motion picture industry and show business have been cooperating more and more tightly – engineers from the leading production companies apply hi-tech solutions, which only a few years ago seemed to be fantastic. Thus fiction becomes a part of our daily routine.

World titans, such as Microsoft and Samsung, suggests to dive into virtual reality without leaving home – all we need is portable VR headset. This set allows people to wipe off the borderland between real and imagined.

samsung vr

Blade Runner 2049 movie is the most vivid example of futuristic virtual reality – VR was formed by external projection which could make the world and people in it bigger.

Projected virtual reality becomes more and more desirable. The 3D environment scanner and projectors make a core of the technology. Startup Lightform makes it all possible.

lighform 04 lighform 02

Lightform includes environment scanner which generates high-precision grade for detecting all surfaces and forms, necessary for projection of realistic light rays. Then Lightform sends a video signal to projector which forms the virtual reality effect via projected images. Lighform constantly scans the environment and adjust the aligning for more vivid image.


Lightform together with projector can transform any space into VR cinema without any additional headsets for audience. This technology allows cinemas to broaden their functions and helps audience to achieve unforgettable viewing experience.



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