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Kinoprokat 3D-polar Pro

KINOPROKAT 3D-POLAR CP.V-3  unique and advanced system for demonstration 3D movies, which is suitable for all modern projectors.


3D polar 03 bl MAIN1

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Technical specifications

Polarization module active surface 220 × 120 mm
Polarization circular
Power supply 110-240 V AC 50-60 Hz
Preferable ambient temperature +19 °C
Polarization module operating temperature from +10 to +60 °C
Сontroller operating temperature from +10 to +40 °C
Max lens multiplicity 0,90:1
Contrast ratio >100:1
Light efficiency 18%
HFR-ready yes
NOC support yes
Max lamp power 6,5 kW


Storage/transportation temperature from -0 °C to +50 °C
Net weight 8,3 kg
Gross weight 10,4 kg
Shipping dimensions (HxWxD) 740 х 370 х 150 mm


  • officially approved by The Walt Disney Company
  • completely automatic system;
  • simple installation and setup of the system;
  • built-in Polarization module cooling system;
  • compatible with all DCI projectors;
  • innovative construction for air filter cleaning and changing;
  • Ethernet control and NOC support;
  • warranty term—36 months.


  1. Actuator.
  2. Polarization module.
  3. Controller.
  4. Fastening parts.
  5. Synch cable.
  6. Ethernet cable.
  7. Power cable 100-240V.
  8. Spare air filter.
  9. Set of hex keys.

3d komplekt


Чертёж 3D-POLAR CP.V3 (02)Чертёж 3D-POLAR CP.V3 (04) Чертёж 3D-POLAR CP.V3 (03)


3D POLAR CE 2017

User manual

Download the latest software and user manual.


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