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dimmer box


Number of channels: 8
Power supply: 200-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
LED-channel (optional):  
- lighting (strip) channel current up to 20 А, 12 VDC
- LED channel modulation type ∆∑ (delta-sigma)
Phase channel (optional):  
- power 3kW, 220 VAC
- modulation type pulse-position
Controller operation temperature: +10° to +40°C
Storage/transportation temperature: 0° to +50°C

KINODIMMER is a modern system designed to automatize the cinema lighting. The device is compatible with modern LED lights as well as with bulb lights.

It has 8 control channels with following functions:
- Independent stepless power control within given period of time;
- Min/max value setting for each channel;
- Instant switch on/off (~3 sec)
- Setting of preassigned lighting level (2 tags);

Dimmer has 5 brightness presets which can be set via the button on the control panel, buttons on the additional panels or projector itself.

Each preset has 5 parameters: 
- Set brightness of each channel (0-100)
- Pause before brightness variation (0-60 sec)
- Time for set brightness achievement (3-60 sec)

Screening automatization: GPIО connection, remote control panels, Ethernet connection;
Full setting via built-in WEB server;
Switch for emergency turning the lights: lights can be turned on bypassing the device electronics;
∆∑ (delta-sigma) modulation that prevents blinking of the LED channels;
Warranty period – 36 months.

Supplied with:
- controller
- remote control panel
- adapte

Bundle options:
- Controller is provided
- Complete power distribution board with controller for each hall


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