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SPECTRO Cinema Screens

Prima Silver Series

Prima Silver Series

This product is the Next Generation 3D Silver Screen that dramatically improves upon the previous models’ narrow viewing angle.

It boasts a maximum HGA of 34 degrees which contributes to the dramatic reduction of the hot-spot phenomenon.

This product is suitable content that requires a wide viewing angle.

  • Advanced technologies are used for screen fixings which help to achieve the required size of the screen.
  • The firm adherence of the cloth helps to hide the silhouette of the screen frame.
  • The cloth material allows to achieve perfect flatness of the screens.
  • Special multifunctional cloth material is designed exclusively for the screens.

Prima Silver Screens will be a perfect match with 3D projection.


Model Gain HGA SNR Size, max Thickness Material
PRIMA SILVER 190 1.9 34˚ 140 34 × 18.7 м 0,3 мм PVC
PRIMA SILVER 220 2.2 30˚ 170 34 × 18.7 м 0,3 мм PVC
PRIMA SILVER 250 2.5 26˚ 195 34 × 18.7 м 0,3 мм PVC


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