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Кинопрокат TMS-PRO

Theatre Management System (TMS) is management software for cinemas and cinema chains. It allows to maximize the operating efficiency by providing overall control and automation for multiplex cinemas and cinema chains with several screens.

1.Cinema/chain playback control, content copying, kdm control, schedule formation.
2. Worldwide access via web-interface.
3. Distributed content storage – one can find and download any content acknowledged by the system (even not from its host cinema/chain). In case the content isn’t deleted manually from servers, the system guarantees it remains anywhere on the storage.
4. Automatic schedule is based on movies’ rating, agreement with distributors and other conditions, which should simplify the booker’s work.

 TMS Main TMS Content

5. Possibility to copy schedules within halls, cinemas and chains.
6. Schedule can be exported/imported in different formats.
7. Copying of playlists and schedules within different hardware types.
8. Full compatibility with IMAX halls.

TMS Schedule  TMS Keys

TMS Keys add

9. Kdm control, import, export, ftp search, email-service for processing of keys, cinema time zone recording, of possible relocation recording of the equipment from one hall/cinema/chain to another.
10. Automation self-tagging (lamp, dampfer, sound, light, 3D, 2D, etc.)
11. Distribution/receipt/transmission of content between halls/cinemas/chains based on p2p networks, simultaneous content downloading from different sources via protected channels (tls/ssl).
12. Possibility of worldwide manual hall control – this function is available only after user is connected through the personal certificate (ip-address can also be localized).
13. Possibility of optional improper content fixing.
14. Possibility to fix badly downloaded content in a blink of an eye (only in case when there is a live/normal version on the storage or media servers).
15. Email notifications on new content and new available keys.
16. Chat between users.
17. NOC, capturing of information on lamp status, etc.
18. Possibility to make a schedule at the stage when the content is unavailable at the cinema.

As soon as content appears in system (someone from the cinema has already received it or the studio launched content distribution in our system) all information would be available to all for the planning (duration, format, requirement for kdm...).


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