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Cinema projector Barco DP4K-22L

Ultra-bright 6P RGB laser cinema projector for premium mid-size screens.

  • Ultra-bright 6P RGB laser cinema projector for premium mid-size screens

    Unprecedented image quality

    The Barco DP4K-22L offers superior image quality with a high brightness level, increased contrast ratio and vivid colors for a radically improved (3D) movie experience. The 2D and 3D images it displays are laser-sharp with superbly saturated and uniform colors. Geared with the unique Barco Alchemy Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP), it's capable of showing 4K content at 60 frames per second and 3D movies in 4K.

    Simplicity: less is more

    Fully integrated, the DP4K-22L greatly reduces complexity. It not only frees you from all lamp-related costs and maintenance, thanks to the single projector setup you can also seamlessly integrate it into your current system. In this way installating and operating the projector also becomes easier and downtime is reduced.

    Total Cost of Ownership champion

    One major saving of the projector is that there are no lamp-related material, maintenance, and administrative costs. Thanks to its superior optical efficiency level, operational costs were driven down as well. The DP4K-22L consumes 40% less power than xenon projectors with the same brightness. And its reliable laser light source offers a lifetime of 30,000 hours or more.



    4,096 x 2,160


    Up to 22,000 lumens

    Native contrast ratio

    2,800:1 (typical) / 500:1 ANSI contrast (typical)

    Prime lenses

    1.13-1.65; 1.35-1.86; 1.46-2.10; 1.65-2.60; 2.00-3.35

    Long-term brightness stability

    Less than 20% decrease during a runtime of 30,000 hrs

    Dimensions (WxLxH)

    Projector: 744 x 1,445 x 706 mm / 29.3 x 56.9 x 27.8 inches (with feet, no lens)
    One chiller with the following dimensions: 701 x 701 x 800 mm / 27.6 x 27.6 x 31.5 inches


    Projector: 200kg (~440lb) 
    Chiller: ~115kg (~250lb)

    Cooling liquid hose length

    2.5-5-10m (8.2-16.4-32.8ft)

    Power requirements

    200-240/346-415V 50-60Hz 16A 3W+N+PE (Y connection) / Power cord size range: 4 sq mm to 6 sq mm, 10AWG to 8AWG /Circuit breaker range: 25A to 40A
    200-240V 3W+PE 28A 50-60Hz (/\- connection) / Power cord size: 6 sq mm, 8AWG / Circuit breaker: 40A
    230/400V 3W+N+PE 16A, 2.5 sq mm (Y connection) or 208V / 3W+PE (/\- connection) / Max. 16A per phase

    Ambient temperature

    30°C (86°F) Max. (projector and chillers)

    Ambient humidity

    75% Max. (projector and chillers)

    Power consumption

    Projector @ full laser power: 2.8 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 1.6 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)
    Chiller @ full laser power: 1.6 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 1.3 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)
    Projector @ half laser power: 1.6 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 1.0 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)
    Chiller @ half laser power: 1.3 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 1.0 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)

    Media server

    Barco Alchemy ICMP included in the projector:
    • JPEG2000 2K & 4K DCI play-out
    • High Frame Rates 3D up to 120fps (60fps per eye)
    • 2x Displayport
    • 2x 3G-SDI inputs
    • 1x HDMI 1.4a input 2D and PCM audio / 4K 24fps
    • 16x AES/EBU audio channels (2x RJ45)

    3D systems

    Color3D (Barco Laser3D): Native 6-primary color-3D system. Only requires color filter glasses (Dolby3D glasses cannot be reused)
    Active glasses systems
    Polarization recuperation systems


    Projector + Barco Alchemy ICMP DCI CTP 1.2 certified

    Safety class

    Class 1, RG3




    images maps area 1185x1215


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