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4D Halls

4D cinema is a worldwide trend and it becomes more and more and popular due to its ability to involve the viewer into on-screen events and to receive unique watching experience.


Эффект дождя


Эффект ветра, бриз


Эффект снег


Эффект вспышки света


Эффект туман, дым


Эффект вибрации кресла


Эффект мыльные пузыри


Эффект тактильные ощущения

Tactile feelings

By 4D we mean 3D hall which is equipped with special moving platforms that have three degrees of freedom. They are totally synchronized with all that is happening on the screen and are accompanied by number of special effects, namely: Wind, Snow, Rain, Mist, etc.

Total scope of the effects allows the viewer to become a part of the movie and dip into the series of events.


Anticipated release date - December 2017


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