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Xenon Lamps

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Lamp is a key element in every projector. It is a special unit that producing a powerful light source by means of the increasing of the electric charge. Xenon lamps are the most popular among the other light sources because of their high efficiency level. They are used for projectors in huge cinema halls.

Short-arc xenon lamps are of high performance level, and the arcing passes in pure xenon atmosphere. Constant and high brightness make them an ideal match with wide-screen projection.

Projection equipment which works on xenon lamps to achieve sharp image of perfect quality.

Yumex YXL series is made in Japan from the top-quality materials using advanced technologies.

Please feel free to contact Kinoprokat to buy xenon lamps for BARCO, NEC and Christie digital projectors.

Projector Model Power Warranty term (h) USHIO OSRAM
Barco DP2K-6E 465 W 1500
NEC NP-9LP01 350 W 2400
Christie YXL-1800C12 1800 W 2400 CDXL-20 XBO-2000W/DTP OFR
Christie YXL-1800C13 1800 W 1750 CDXL-18SD
Barco YXL-2000B1 2000 W 2400 DXL-20BAF XBO-2000W/DHP OFR
Barco YXL-2000B1-L 2000 W 3000 DXL-20BAF XBO-2000W/DHP OFR
Christie YXL-2000C13 2000 W 1000 CDXL-20SD
Christie YXL-2100C13 2100 W 1000 CDXL-21S1
Barco YXL-2200B2 2200 W 1500 XBO-2200W/DHP OFR
Barco YXL-3000B6 3000 W 1500 XBO-3000W/DHP OFR
Barco YXL-3000B9-L 3000 W 1700 XBO-3000W/DHP/L OFR
Christie YXL-3000C12 3000 W 1500 CDXL-30
Christie YXL-3000C12-L 3000 W 1900 CDXL-30
Christie YXL-3000C13 3000 W 1000 CDXL-30SD
Barco YXL-4000B9-L 4000 W 1300 XBO-4000W/DHP/L OFR
NEC YXL-4000N1 4000 W 650 DXL-40SN
NEC YXL-4000N6 4000 W 1500 DXL-40SCN
Barco YXL-4500B6 4500 W 1000 XBO-4500W/DHP OFR
Christie YXL-4500C12 4500 W 1000 CDXL-45
Barco YXL-6000B1 6000 W 600 DXL-60BA2
Christie YXL-6000C12 6000 W 600 CDXL-60
Christie YXL-6000C12-L 6000 W 800 CDXL-60
NEC YXL-6000N1 6000 W 600 DXL-60SN
NEC YXL-6000N1-L 6000 W 800 DXL-60SN/L
Barco YXL-6500B1 6500 W 500 DXL-65BA


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