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Today, Cinionic returns to CinemaCon with the launch of the Barco Series 4 projector platform. This brand-new laser projector line-up is designed for the cinema of today, with the market of tomorrow in mind.

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Cinionic’s introduction of the Barco Series 4 laser projectors empowers exhibitors to deliver a superb cinema experience in 4K and offers the latest RGB laser technology that guarantees a brilliant image on all screens enabled by Barco AIM™ (Active Image Management TM ), implementing Barco’s patents to deliver an unmatched image on screen. Additionally, the Barco EcoPure™ design delivers on power and air-flow, resulting in the greenest cinema projector ever created.
Barco 4K RGB for all cinema screens

"Cinionic was founded to meet the demands of the evolving cinema industry. As more filmmakers are creating content in 4K, exhibitors need to showcase these advancements on screen. Our Barco Series 4 laser projectors provide a unique pportunity for exhibitors to bring 4K into mainstream theaters by combining the technology advancements of laser with efficient set-up and unprecedented financial solutions." - Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic
Source: BARCO


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