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 The geography of the latest cinema technologies is quite extensive, but the "heart" and originating point of all new cinema-related products is Seoul, South Korea. These claims were discovered and proven during recent visit by Kinoprokat Company’s delegation to Seoul. So we thought it right to share our experiences and some informative episodes of the trip with you.

The single most enchanting aspect of Seoul’s cinema environment was the modern technologies being employed to make their cinemas unique, for example, they had biggest IMAX hall on the planet, located in a Multiplex Cinema Complex. It has a 31 x 22.4-meter screen, and many unique halls including Screen X Auction, Sphere X, Screen X 4DX, Super 4D, Super G Plex halls with 34-meter screen, VIP-halls of different concepts. VR-park is also a part of this Cinema Complex. In addition, the delegation visited multi-screen complexes of 21, 20 and 17 halls. During the visits, they came across unparalleled approach to the design of the foyer, advertising, and ticket sales. Meetings with the management of largest cinema networks of Korea were done besides peeking into projection rooms, and other "backstage places" of cinema complexes.

 зал Super G Plex  зал Screen X Auction
 зал Super G Plex с экраном шириной в 34 метра Самый большой на планете зал IMAX

 The primary objective of the trip was visiting the Super S hall with newest and truly stunning Samsung Cinema LED technology with 10.3 meter LED screen that replaced the usual screen and projector. Our guide was the main developer of this technology and, from his words, we were the first foreign guests, who saw it and had first-hand interaction with him about all the details. Next stage of the trip was signing of an agreement with Spectro - the world leader in the production of cinema screens. This agreement will result in opening of their branch in Ukraine powered by KINOPROKAT company which is the only factory of a kind with a worldwide name in CIS. We must add here that all the screens seen by us in above mentioned halls are produced exclusively by Spectro company.

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An unfaltering adherence to global trends, obtaining unique and valuable information from primary sources, concluding agreements with leading suppliers altogether – is the development concept of the KINOPROKAT Group as an integrator company with full production cycle at the highest world level. We aspire to be a leader not only in Ukraine, but also worldwide, having built strategic plans for fruitful work in other countries, in other continents. 



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