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One of the world‘s biggest cinema exhibitions CineEurope celebrated 25th anniversary in Barcelona, Spain, where our partners from BARCO met hundreds of visitors at their booth with their latest products. The most impressive one was BARCO laser projector DP2K-60L with brightness up to 60 000 lumens, 30 000-hour lifetime at 80% light output.

DP4K 60LFlagship laser projector is a new generation of DCI-projectors for premium cinema halls. It provides a number of advantages: great brightness, best projection quality which has no competitors. BARCO DP2K-60L brightness is two times higher than that of xenon projectors, which gives it the right to be called the brightest in the world! It helps to improve the quality of cinema screening, especially in concerns 3D image.

The colors are bright and uniform, their range is even wider than it was before, contrast remains unchanged during the years of exploitation – all these performed through the Barco Alchemy integrated cinema media processor (ICMP), that’s why it is possible to show 4K video with 60 frames per second, even for 4K 3D.

Moreover, BARCO flagship laser projector is noticeably more cost-effective.
Firstly, total integration results in lesser complexity of the DP2K-60L. Service expenses are lover not only due to the lamp-related costs, but also single projector setup allows to integrate it into your current system.

Secondly, there is no need in purchasing materials (there are no reflector, straightener and ignition block) and the maintenance costs together with energy consumption have been also decreased. Flagship BARCO laser projector DP2K-60L consumes 40% less power than xenon projectors with the same brightness.


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