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New products by BARCO company impressed the visitors of CineEurope in Barcelona. One of them has drew our attention and we can’t but share with you that it was BARCO ESCAPE – innovative film-screening technology with three working projectors at a time and three screens.

barco escape demo

BARCO presentation showed several advantages of this technology:

  • it can be installed in new cinemas and retrofitted in existing ones;
  • when the cinema is not in Barco Escape mode, regular movie presentations are undisturbed by the Barco Escape setup

Also the company received DCI certification of BARCO ESCAPE.

What future will be waiting for this technology?  20th Century Fox has signed 5-year Contract for filming in this format. Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot are the next to use BARCO ESCAPE for their films.

By the end of 2016 more than 100 cinema halls are to be opened in ESCAPE format. According to the latest news, BARCO has a deal with Gallaxy Festival City Cinemas, the biggest multi-hall cinema in Cairo for Star Trek Beyond for July this year.

BARCO plans to release minimum one film in ESCAPE format every month starting from 2017.

There is no doubt, this technology to have further development after 2D, 3D and 4D cinemas.



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