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In anticipation of the coming adoption of a standardized format for immersive sound, Barco has developed AuroMax: a system that incorporates support for the placement of “objects” in any immersive mix and the most revolutionary rendering technology available from Iosono.

BARCO AuroMax is a brand new technology of surrounding sound that is a quintessence of the object based approach to the realistic and immersive BARCO Auro effects.


BARCO AuroMax (20.1; 22.1 и 26.1) doubled the number of channel, compared to its forerunner Auro 3D (11.1 or 13.1) to achieve the “open” approach to sound. AuroMax presupposes installation of loudspeakers in fore-screen area and the channels should be divided: surrounding channels are divided into two separate parts and ceiling channel - into four parts.
Total number of channels is doubled, the data are encrypted and transmitted in separate sound packet, being rendered in the processor.
IOSONO (that is a part of BARCO company) created new processor that can handle 32 sound channels in real-time mode.

What are the main options of surrounding sound? AuroMax is ready to support the future open sound format; it has platform for studio environment; immense sound; reasonable price; combinable with existing Auro 3D.

And what is the advantages of AuroMax? BARCO representatives say that the strongest one – immense and natural surrounding sound which is two times cheaper than standard object based sound systems. It will benefit your business and the spectators will fully enjoy realistic surrounding sound in cinema hall.



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