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At the beginning of spring, an object was opened in the city of Dnipro, on which we worked for 7 months. The Kinoprokat team, as the general contractor, was responsible for all construction work at the Apollo shopping mall, from electricians to plumbers, except for the lobby of the cinema complex. In the new mall, we built a seven-room complex of the Planet of Cinema, in the lobby of which we installed a ceiling lamp of one-piece construction of total length 216m!


The design of all seven cinemas of the complex is developed by our experts and is executed in uniform style with use of sound-proof acoustic panels in combination with fibrolit «KINOBOARDPRO».

The lighting systems installed in the halls have been developed by us on the basis of cinema technologies, taking into account the peculiarities of lighting in the cinema. Everything from ceiling lights to decorative light elements (powders, row numbers) is controlled by dimmers«KINODIMMERPRO».

All halls are equipped speakers production of Kinoprokat and comfortable chairs model KP-1810. Systems for 3D projection are installed in five halls KINOPROKAT 3D-POLAR CPV3. Also in all the halls there are branded "floating" screen frames with screens produced by our partners. Spectro Screen and projectors of our Belgian partners Barco.

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The largest hall of the cinema complex is designed for 277 seats. Here, on a "floating" frame, a metallized Spectro Screen silver 2.4 SP screen is installed in the maximum size possible for a single-projector hall - 20.5 meters wide and 11.1 meters high. The hall is equipped with our acoustic system amplified power for the most efficient and high-quality sound with a sound processor Fidek FCQA-8631. Also, a 4K laser projector is installed in the hall Barco DP4K - 36 BLP with 3D system Kinoprokat 3D Polar CPV3. The projection distance is 21.5 meters.






  • Number of seats: 152
  • Screen: 12.1x6.62 meters, metallized Spectro, silver 2.4 (Korea)
  • Projector: Barco DP2K-10S + server Alchemy
  • Throw Distance: 22.5 meters
  • Sound processor Fidek FCQA-8631


  • Number of seats: 118
  • Screen: 12.1x6.62 meters, metallized Spectro, silver 2.4 (Korea)
  • Projector: Barco DP2K-10S + server Alchemy
  • Projection Distance: 19 meters
  • Sound processor Fidek FCQA-8631




ЗАЛ №7


The cinema complex Planeta Kino in the Appolo mall is made in a laconic, elegant style, in classic black and gray colors. And each room is equipped taking into account the maximum efficiency of the use of space to achieve quality and comfort. Thus, the setting of each hall creates an atmosphere of complete immersion for the viewer when watching a movie.


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