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The successfully completed project for the deep restoration of the cinema complex of 6 rooms "Most-Kino" in the city of Dnipro has become a platform for us to develop non-standard architectural and technical solutions. All 6 cinema halls are decorated in the same style created by our designers. Installed 3D systems, acoustic systems and special "floating" screen frames of the author's design. The halls are equipped with integrated lighting solutions: light boxes, lamps, row numbers, dimmers and other equipment of our own production. The halls are decorated with environmentally friendly, fire-resistant acoustic soundproofing plates «KINOBOARDPRO», produced in Ukraine. Our team worked hard to create a comfortable and highest quality audiovisual environment in every hall.




The elite VIP room is designed specifically for those who value high comfort conditions: increased legroom, leather double sofas separated from each other by partition walls with individual folding tables. It can accommodate 40 people, and everyone will feel special.

Medium in size, but ergonomically designed and spacious cinemas №2 and №3 are designed so that each viewer enjoys watching the movie, sitting in a comfortable chair. Hall №2 is equipped with a 3D system Kinoprokat 3D-PolarCP.V3 and projector Barco DP4K-23B with 4K extension, which provides excellent image quality.







Designing cinemas №4 and №5 was an interesting challenge for us. These halls are made in a spherical shape, which required a special approach to project development, construction of halls and installation of equipment. The twin halls can accommodate 96 spectators each. The rows of seats are arranged like in a classic amphitheater, the curved screen fits perfectly into the overall concept, and even the unique speaker system, made to order, is adapted to the space.

Hall №4 is equipped with vibro-dynamic 4D chairs of our development. The special design of armchairs provides tactile sensations and in a complex with 3D visualization strengthens effect of presence. In this hall, every spectator is guaranteed an unforgettable experience of watching a movie!










The largest of the cinemas in Most-Kino - №6 - is the pride of the cinema complex. This hall has added to the Ukrainian list of cinemas equipped with the Dolby Atmos sound system. A laser-phosphor projector from a Belgian company is also installed here Barko DP2K-20CLP. At the choice of the spectator - 212 comfortable armchairs or VIP armchairs of the increased comfort established in the first and last row. The high quality of the image is responsible for the 3D system manufactured by Kinoprokat and the impressive size of the screen in the "floating" frame, and the most realistic immersive sound is provided by the Dolby Atmos system. In this hall, each viewing of the film will be a unique unforgettable experience!


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